Our RagaMuffin Boys

Elby/Elby Jr.

Here is a preview of some of our breeding studs, both past and present.

More informaton is available about each boy on his page.


GRC Gladragg's California Sunshine of Ragtime

Red Lynx Point & White

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Grand Champions Produced:  RW GRC Ragtime Cats Dazzling Autumn,   RW GRC Ragtime Cats Dawns Morning Palette, GC Ragtime Cats Bouncin' Betty, GC Ragtime Cats Florida Sunkissed,  GC Ragtime Cats Buford, GC Ragtime Cats China Doll & GC Jaban Ziggy Stardust.


NW QGRC Ragtime Cats Our Man Cody, LA

Seal Lynx Point & White Male

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Grand Champions Produced:  QGC Ragtime Cats Worth the Wait


NW GC Ragtime Cats Snow Covered Forest

Brown McTabby Van Male


RW Ragtime Cats Blazing SunshineMan 

Red Tabby & White Male - a "Sunny" grandson



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