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Ragtime Cats Silver & Golden Persians.............

our lines are from All Aglitter Persians!


We are extremely proud to have received the last "All Aglitter" Persians for our Persian breedings.  We will not be breeding Persians anymore at this time though, our "All Aglitter" lines will be carried through to Lavinia Blair, another of Diane's dear friends, "Ramayana" Persians.  Our best queens, lovingly received from Diane are now with Lavinia to continue on the All Aglitter lines.  Our prized king, Dusty, is presently breeding at Ramayana, also sharing his All Aglitter name with her girls.  


2004 Breed Council Member

Breed Council Member

Ragtime Cats is extremely pleased to have worked closely with Diane Loving of All Aglitter Persians!  Diane had extraordinary silver & goldens!!!!  They have wonderful personalities - exquisite color - and awesome emerald eyes. Unfortunately, Diane is no longer breeding - but her lines live onward - as we have her last breeding cats with us.  Ragtime Cats will continue on with the All Aglitter lines, so known and cherished.  As mentioned above, the All Aglitter lines will not be lost........they will move forward with the Ramayana lines.  

If you seek a wonderful silver or golden Persian, please contact Lavinia at

Some of our wonderful Persians............

CFA GC All Aglitter Evening Primrose

Shaded Silver Female

gchprim.jpg (160769 bytes)    primrose.jpg (294374 bytes)

Big thanks go to Diane Loving of All Aglitter Persians for giving us the pleasure of working with such lovely silver & golden persians!  We will never forget you our dear Primrose.  We thank you for our first home-bred Grand Champion Persian at Ragtime Cats!  Primrose is now breeding at Ramayana.  


CH All Aglitter Pumkin of Ragtime Cats

Chinchilla Golden Female

pumkin.jpg (19124 bytes)

We are proud to annouce that Pumkin has won Best Chinchilla Golden Persian in Region 7 of CFA!!!!!!!!!  Our first CFA Regional Win!  We had a wonderful time showing Pumkin for only a couple months as an adult - as she was a kitten part of the show season.   Pumkin has already earned grand points towards her grand champion title in CFA.


GP Ragtime Cats Diamond Stardust

Shaded Silver Neuter


Our first home-bred CFA Grand!  Go Berky!


CH GP All Aglitter Braveheart

Shaded Golden Neuter

braveheartp1.jpg (26297 bytes)    braveheartp2.jpg (25797 bytes)

Again, big thanks to Diane Loving of All Aglitter Persians for such a loving boy.  Braveheart has now earned his Grand Premier title in CFA!!!!  Our first CFA Grand!  Braveheart attended the CFA International Show Nov 2004 - and was named 2nd Best of the Silver & Golden Division in Premiership - overall in show!
We are very exicted to annouce Braveheart's Regional Breed Win!   He is the Best Silver & Golden Persian in Premiership in Region 7 (Southern), 2004-2005 Show Season!!!!!!  He is the 9th Best Silver & Golden Persian in Premiership Nationally!
Braveheart will be returning to live with his breeder, Diane.   Thank you Diane for entrusting me with such a wonderful boy.  He was a joy to show and is truly an awesome golden boy.

Braveheart now lives in Texas.


CH, GP All Aglitter Esparanza of Ragtime

Shaded Silver Spay

New CFA Grand Premier!!!!!!  September 18, 2005.

We are very exicted to annouce Esparanza's Regional Breed Win!   She is the Best Silver & Golden Persian in Premiership in Region 7 (Southern), 2005-2006 Show Season!!!!!!  She is the 8th Best Silver & Golden Persian in Premiership Nationally!

Esparanza now lives in her forever pet home in south Florida.


CH All Aglitter Pierre of Ragtime Cats

Shaded Silver Male

red hat_0032.JPG (692200 bytes)

Pierre is now living in his forever home in South Florida.


CH All Aglitter Gold Dust - AKA "Dusty"

dusty.jpg (33314 bytes)    

Dusty will retire with us - what can we say - he captured our hearts.


Is she gorgeous, or what?

GC All Aglitter Cleopatra - Shaded Golden Female

_mg00009.jpg (163447 bytes)

Congratulations to Diane for such a loving girl!  We have had the pleasure to be able to 'agent' her a few times in shows.  Cleo has now completed her Grand Champion title in CFA.  Go Cleo! Cleo is breeding now at Ramayana.


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