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CFA Advances the RagaMuffin to Championship!  2-6-11!

Welcome to Ragtime Cats......

RagaMuffins are Huggable, extremely lovable, "teddy-bear" like cats.  They are the ideal feline family member.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to breed high quality RagaMuffins with great purrsonalities.

About Ragtime:

Ragtime RagaMuffins is an in home cattery.  Our kittens are raised underfoot where they have opportunities to be social and play with other pets.

We are a proud founding member of the RagaMuffin Cat Lovers Society, Inc., and subscribe to a high code of ethics in our breeding program and high standards for our cattery. 

Our cats are all registered with the CFA - the Cat Fanciers Association.  CFA has the most restrictive breeding practices for RagaMuffins - presently there are no accepted outcrosses allowed in the CFA.  If you want to be assured of a "RagaMuffin", do not accept "papers" from any other registry, especially "TICA". 

I have a strong commitment to our cats and work hard to promote the breed.  I show strongly across the nation.  I am the Founding Spokesperson (Feb 2003) and the elected Breed Chair (2003 - 2014/present) for RagaMuffins in CFAI serve as President of the RagaMuffin Cat Society - a CFA chartered club, and as President of the RagaMuffin Cat Lovers Society - an organization devoted to the RagaMuffin breed.  I also serve CFA as an Ambassador, Mentor, Agility Ringmaster and Licensed Master Clerk.  Our RagaMuffin "Blueberry" serves CFA as the Iams Ambassador Cat for our breed.

Ragtime Cats has the Top winning RagaMuffins in the Nation, while also preserving the fabulous tempermant within our cats!  We are extremely proud to have had the Nations Best RagaMuffin Cat in ACFA - Three Years Straight!  We then worked on CFA acceptance of our breed, and became "CFA only."  If your looking for show cats - compare your titles - not ALL titles are equal.  Many breeders claim titles from extremely small organizations where there was literally no competition for a win.  Others claim titles are unimportant - most people can figure why someone would say that, or they would be happy to tell you all about their own titles!  Also - in order to OFFICIALLY call a cat a National Winner in ACFA - You must place in the Top 20 in the Nation - there are breeders who claim "IA" (Inter-American) wins to try to deceive you that they have top winning cats.  Their "IA Wins" may be as simple as a color placement - which is almost a given with the number of colors in our breed.  There are very few true National Winners in ACFA - 10 to be exact in 5 years!  8 of those 10 are with Ragtime Cats.  Ragtime Cats has the first and presently only Regional Winner and the first Breed Winner in CFA.  We obtained the first "Grand" RagaMuffin in CFA.

We are also proud to be recognized as a leader in the RagaMuffin - our latest credit is to have written the RagaMuffin chapter for the newest book "The CFA Complete Book of Cat Breeds" - released in October 2004.  So be sure to check the RagaMuffin section!  We have also recently (2013) been consulted concerning the RagaMuffin breed for a new cat book to be released in Europe later this year.  Watch for it!

We do not ship cats within the United States.  Kittens/cats must either be picked up or we will hand deliver them to you.  New federal regulations require that the buyer, seller and kitten be present together.  Shipping is available for breeding cats overseas.

Vet Inspected and Top Rated

Every year from

2004 CFA Cattery of Excellence


Member and Chair/Breed Council Secretary of the CFA RagaMuffin Committee/Council.

From our inception in 2003 - present. 

Showing RagaMuffins:

RagaMuffins are accepted for Championship in ACFA (American Cat Fanciers Association), CFA (Cat Fanciers Association), CFF (Cat Fanciers Federation), and AACE (American Association of Cat Enthusiasts). RagaMuffins are accepted for Registration in TICA (The International Cat Association).  (While RagaMuffins are registered in TICA - there are no actual registration rules for the breed - do not accept papers solely from TICA as proof that the kitten/cat is a RagaMuffin - it could be any other breed registered experimentally as a RagaMuffin)

                        strat&allegra kiss4.BMP (100158 bytes)     Strat & Allegra - "The Kiss"


1st RagaMuffin Grands in CFA!!!!!

Buccaneer Cat Fanciers 7-10-11

GPD RW Ragtime Cats Dazzling Autumn

Grand of Distinction!

1st RagaMuffin, 1st Female of any breed, 2nd Cat of any breed in CFA

Autumn grands at this show and becomes our first grand in the RagaMuffin breed in the CFA.  Autumn is now a Grand Premier.  She is 2 weeks from her 10th birthday!  WTG Autumn!

2012 - Autumn has officially now also become a Regional Winner - the first and only for our breed this first year.

2013 Update!  Autumn has just earned the coveted new title in CFA of "Grand of Distinction"  She is only the 2nd cat and the 1st female in all of CFA to earn this title!!  This is a huge honor for her.  She was one day away from her 12th birthday on the day she earned this title!  GO Autumn!! 

The "Grand of Distinction" title is awarded to a cat who has achieved a minimum of 30 finals, 20 of them must be Allbreed, in 3 different show seasons.

GC BW Ragtime Cats Minky's QT Pie

CFA's First Grand Champion Female!!!!!!!!

CFA's First Breed Winner!!  Best of Breed & Color!!


GC AW Ragtime Cats Arden Forest - Red Mctabby & White Male

Granded at 9 months of age

Arden won 9th Best in Agility in the Southern Region - the first RagaMuffin to run agility, earn titles, and a Regional agility title.

Arden was just selected as the winner of the CFA Cover Cat Contest for CFA's magazine - Cat Talk Almanac - for the June 2013 issue.  WTG Arden!


GP Ragtime Cats Blueberries & Cream

1st Neuter Grand Premier

Also an Iams Ambassador Cat


Best RagaMuffin 2006-2007!!!!!!!!!!!

RW QGC Ragtime Cats Slys Legacy


WTG Peanut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Another Best in Show!!!!!!!!!!

GC Ragtime Cats Howling Tiger - Brown Tabby Van Male

Finals in ALL EIGHT rings - Highest Scoring Cat in Championship!

July 22 & 23, 2006!  Orlando, FL


This seasons show boy....(2005-2006)......NW QGC Ragtime Cats Worth the Wait - a Red McTabby & White male

Proud to be the ONLY RagaMuffin to place Nationally in ACFA during the 2005-2006 Show Season!

Sire:  NW QGC Ragtime Cats Our Man Cody, LA

Dam:  RW QGC Ragtime Cats Tres Diva of MufnHugs

Go "Pita"...............

March 11 & 12, 2006 - Portage, Indiana - BEST IN SHOW!!!!!!!!!!

And again - March 25 & 26, 2006 - Woodstock, VA - BEST IN SHOW!!!!!!!!



forest2.jpg (30151 bytes)    

NW GRC Ragtime Cats Snow Covered Forest - Brown McTabby Van Male

Proud to be the ONLY RagaMuffin to place Nationally in ACFA during the 2004-2005 Show Season!


RW QGC Ragtime Cats Dazzling Autumn, LA

Tortoiseshell & White Female



Ragtime Cats is extremely proud to be the leader in producing the Best quality show cats with our famous tempermant!

Our ACFA credits (6 years of Championship status):
12 National Winners - Top 20 IA
52 - Regional Winners - Top 20 in Region
40 Grand Champions
3 Legacy of Achievement Cats - for top performance in a minimum of 3 show seasons.
3 Legacy of Excellence Cats - for a cat who produces a minimum number of Grand Champion offspring.  


Ragtime Cats is the proud breeder of the first ever RagaMuffin Grand Champion in ACFA - Ragtime Cats Elby of Big Bear Cats!  Black & White Male.   Also pictured is his son - GC Ragtime Cats Elbys Moonlight Gift.

Elby__Son2.JPG (6910 bytes)    and

The first ever RagaMuffin Grand Champion Alter in ACFA - Ragtime Cats Creampuff!  Red McTabby & White Neuter.  Creampuff is now also the first ever Quad Grand Champion in ACFA!


The first Female Grand Champion in ACFA - Ragtime Cats Opehlia!   Blue Tortie Point & White Female.  Ophelia is now the first female and whole cat Quad Grand Champion in ACFA!

Ophelia.jpg (22728 bytes)


The First ever RagaMuffin to earn Legacy of Achievement for top wins over multiple seasons!  NW QGC Ragtime Cats Our Man Cody, LA - Seal Lynx Point & White Male.

cody2b.jpg (9157 bytes)

Best RagaMuffin in the Nation - 2 years in a row!  2002/2003 & 2003/2004!


The First ever RagaMuffin to earn Legacy of Excellence for producing Grand Champion offspring.........RW QGC Encore Cats Allegra of Ragtime Cats - Tortoiseshell & white Female.

allegr1.jpg (2990 bytes)

The second ever RagaMuffin to earn Legacy of Excellence for producing Grand Champion offspring..........CH Frontier Rags Betsy of Ragtime Cats - Silver McTabby & White Female.

Betsy.jpg (6729 bytes)

The first ever male RagaMuffin to earn Legacy of Excellence for producing Grand Champion offspring...........GC Gladragg's California Sunshine of Ragtime Cats - Red Lynx Point & White Male.



While Ragtime Cats remains devoted to the RagaMuffin cat - we are also working on requirements for association judging programs.  This requires working with cats different from your 'primary' breed, which is the RagaMuffin. 

We have worked closely with All Aglitter Persians.  Thus we also have a breeding silver & golden female.  We will be showing their offspring in CFA.  We are extremely proud to work with these beautiful cats and are now proud to be a member of the CFA Breed Council for the Silver & Golden Persian!  Another big thanks goes to Diane for the wonderful breeding stock she entrusted to us - whereas we now have our own home-grown "Ragtime cats" CFA Persian Grand!

At this time, we do not plan to breed anymore silver/golden Persians.  Our top queens went to Ramayana Persians.  Please visit them for your silver/golden dreams.

2004 Breed Council Member


Silver & Golden Division Persians


This space is dedicated to a wonderful friend and fellow breeder who is VERY deeply missed:   Gloria Middleton of Rainbows M&M Cattery - American Shorthairs.

Gloria - we know you are watching over all of us now - and you are dearly missed.  You were a blessing to all who knew you and you are missed in our showhalls.  I am sad to have never had the pleasure of owning one of your precious babies - but I'm proud to have had the chance to know and love some of them personally.  I know "Stoney" is now upon your lap and a happy boy with his mommie.  I look forward to the day when we can meet again.  

You will never be forgotten here!

We feed all our cats Life's Abundance Cat Food.  Info may be found at:


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Our group name is RagaMuffinCatLovers - and the group is open with no pre-approval to all who fancy the RagaMuffin cat.  Join today!

Help support the RagaMuffin Cat Society

Please join IGive.com - and with no cost to you - RCLS receives donations from these groups when you shop online!  Help others while doing your regular online shopping.  One time sign up - and a quick download will always check if the merchant you are using supports at Igive.

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All our Cats are Registered with the following association:

CFA - www.cfainc.org

    Celebrating 100 years!


Contact Information:

Electronic Mail:  LMGregory1@aol.com    

Information and Sales:  LMGregory1@aol.com

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