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Ragtime Cats Celebrates Yet Another Successful Show Season!

Our 6th Straight Year of Top Wins!!!!!!!!!!

2006-2007 Show Season



RW QGC Ragtime Cats Slys Legacy 

Red McTabby Male 

BEST CAT - SW REGION!!!!!!!!!!  (All Breeds)



So, naturally - he is also.....

Best RagaMuffin Cat & Best of Color - SW Region 

Also, Best National RagaMuffin Cat!


NW QGC Ragtime Cats Worth the Wait

Red McTabby & White Male

2nd BEST RagaMuffin Cat National & Best SE Region

15th Best SE Region Cat 

42nd Best Cat National

Best of Color RagaMuffin Cat - National


NW QGC Encore Cats Stradivari of Ragtime Cats, LA

Best RagaMuffin Alter - National & SE Region

24th Best Alter - National - All Breeds

8th Best Alter - SE Region

And I only wandered back out to a few shows this season for some fun!!!!!!!!


Ragtime Cats Elbys Moonlight Pele'

BEST SW Kitten!!!!!!!!!!!!  (All breeds)

WTG Pele!


CH Ragtime Cats Dillilutay of MufnHugs

Blue Cream & White Female

3rd Best SW Cat


And a big extra celebration to our National win with our newest addition ...............

Big congrats to.........

GAHLee Hallie Bear-ie

a Black & White American Shorthair Female


19th Best IA Kitten!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7th Best SE Region Kitten

Thank you to Gwen Hornung of Gahlee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best American Shorthair Kitten!

2nd Best of Breed American Shorthair Cat - SE Region!


Ragtime Cats Miss Daisy Oopsed!  

Blue Silver Tortie Lynx Point HHP Spay 

13th Best SE Region HHP

32rd Best HHP National


GC Ragtime Cats Blazing Inferno

Red Tabby & White Spay

3rd Best of Breed RagaMuffin Alter - SE Region & National!


GC Ragtime Cats Howling Tiger

Brown Tabby Van Male

3rd Best of Breed RagaMuffin Cat - SE Region



Additional Color Awards:

GC Jaban Ziggy Stardust - Best Natural Mink & White RagaMuffin Alter

GC Ragtime Cats Blazing Inferno - Best Red Tabby & White RagaMuffin Alter

CH Ragtime Cats Watch that Codycat - Best Brown Spotted Tabby & White RagaMuffin Cat

CH Ragtime Cats Blazing Sunshineman - Best Red tabby & White RagaMuffin Cat

GC Ragtime Cats Minky's QT Pie - 2nd Best Natural Mink Tortoiseshell & White RagaMuffin Cat



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