2004-2005 Season

Ragtime Cats Celebrates Another Successful Show Season!

Our 4th Straight Year and home of the ONLY RagaMuffin to earn a National Win this season!!!!!!!!!!

2004-2005 Show Season


NW GC Ragtime Cats Snow Covered Forest

Brown McTabby Van Male

forest1.jpg (25726 bytes)

17th Best Kitten in the Nation and 6th Best Kitten in the SE Region

Also............18th Best Cat in the SE Region in the same year!

forest3.jpg (28570 bytes)

Also - Best of Breed RagaMuffin Kitten - National & SE Region

Best of Color National - Brown McTabby Van Kitten & Cat

3rd Best of Breed RagaMuffin Cat - SE Region


RW QGC Ragtime Cats Dazzling Autumn, LA

Tortoiseshell & White Spay

autumn1.jpg (6197 bytes)

10th Best Alter in the SE Region

31st Best Alter Nationally

2nd Best of Breed National & SE Region

Best of Color National Alter - Tortoiseshell & White


RW GC Ragtime Cats Oliver Twist

Black & White Neuter

21st Best Kitten Nationally

5th Best Kitten in the NC Region

Way to go Norma & Jo for showing off this wonderful boy!!!

2nd Best of Breed National Kitten, Best of Breed Kitten NC Region

Best of Color Kitten - National - Black & White

Best of Color Alter - National - Black & white


Our Additional ACFA Color wins this season...........

GC Ragtime Cats Duncan I Wuv Bu Too - 2nd Best Black & White Kitten

QGC Ragtime Cats Our Man Cody, LA - Best Seal Lynx Point & White Cat

QGC Ragtime Cats Ophelia - Best Blue Tortie Point & White Cat

GC Ragtime Cats Duncan I Wuv Bu Too - Best Black & White RagaMuffin Cat

GC Ragtime Cats China Doll - Best Cream Lynx Point & White RagaMuffin Alter




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