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Please take some time to get acquainted with the males and females who make up Ragtime Cats!  Each are cats who either are currently breeding here at Ragtime, or have been as some point in the past!  We have chosen to keep all our babies here and simply add to this section - as even those who are no longer breeding within our household - they still forever remain an important part of our heritage.

Our Show Cat Section features retired breeders who stay here at Ragtime as our beloved pets.  Some continue to be shown in the "alter" classes.

Our Household Pets features our domestics who have grasped our hearts.   Each have been "rescued" in different manners and are a permenant part of our lives.

Our Family Album contains pictures of some of our beloved kittens who have gone on to live with wonderful families.  These babies have left permanent "paw prints" upon our hearts!

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