Recommended Products

Ragtime Cats uses only the best quality products for our cats and kittens.  We use and recommend the following:

Kitten Food: 

Dry Foods:  We feed Life's Abundance food to all our kittens and cats.  It's a wonderful high quality food.  Please ask for more information.  Or visit our web-site at

Can Foods:  Waltham Growth Formula for Kittens and Nutro Max Kitten Formula.

Adult Food:

Dry Foods:  Life's Abundance food is fed to all our cats.  Please visit our web-site for more info:


Feline Pine:  Feline Pine is used by all of our kittens and female adults.

Litter Pearls:  Litter Pearls are available to all of our female adults and used exclusively for our stud males.

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