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Here are the un-official standings of all RagaMuffins shown in ACFA for the 2006-2007 show season.  Points are shown for Top 24 rings.  Average is also for Top 24 rings.  No ties are broken.

SHOW SEASON - MAY 1, 2006 TO APRIL 30, 2007

The top muffins Nationally.............


1.  Luvnmuffin Phoebe of Ultimate Rags  35.63  (SE Region)

Sable Patched McTabby & White Female

B:  Sharon De Ceuninck

O:  Kim Black - Mark & Steven Clark


2.  Info coming........


3.  Info coming........



1.  RW QGC Ragtime Cats Slys Legacy 36.63 (SW Region)

Red McTabby Male

B:  Laura Gregory

O: Sandra - Jeremy - Jerry Land & Laura Gregory


2.  NW QGC Ragtime Cats Worth the Wait 29.54 (SE Region)

Red McTabby & White Male

B:  Laura - John Gregory/Sandra Land

O:  Laura Gregory


3.  Encore Cats Anabel of Ultimate Rags 28.63 (SE Region)

Seal Tortie Lynx Point & White Female

B:  Janet - George Klarmann

O:  Kim, Mark, & Steven Clark



1.  NW QGC Encore Cats Stradivari of Ragtime Cats, LA 42.00 (SE Region)

Blue Lynx Point Neuter

B:  Janet Klamann

O:  Laura Gregory


2.  Encore Cats Prince Charmin 36.58 (SE Region)

Copper-eyed White Neuter

B:  Janet Klarmann

O:  Lynn H Tait - Janet Klarmann


3.  Info coming.............





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