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Welcome to our listing of available kittens.  Please browse through the listing.   


Please browse through the "Ready Now" & "Retired Adults" sections to see older kittens and/or retired adults who are available immediately.


Please Note:  Ragtime Cats is breeding a VERY limited number a kittens and has seriously reduced our breeders, although we do work with a few partner breeders too.    

We also guarantee only PURE Ragamuffins with genuine approved outcrosses, and as of July 15, 2006 - there are now NO outcrosses accepted anymore in the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association), and the Siberian cat was NEVER accepted.  

ASK for CFA papers if you purchase a RagaMuffin to make sure you get a genuine RagaMuffin!  Don't be fooled by people using a "breed club" name.  Only a certified registry can assure you of proper papers, and only CFA can assure you of no Siberian blood.  Do NOT accept TICA papers as proof of a RagaMuffin!


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We have no currently bred females.


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